About Us

Roasting Since 1981

Established in 1981, the coffee shop is a contemporary cafe at the main street of beautiful Los Angeles. We serve coffee made from handpicked coffee beans that are locally roasted.

We offer gourmet coffee, a variety of beverages and a selection of fresh sandwiches, salads, pastries, desserts, and snacks. Our long history and experienced staff put us ahead of our competitors in providing an outstanding and satisfying customer experience.

Our brand strives to expand our coffee knowledge and host cultural events for coffee lovers “Come, Grab A Cup!” to remain the most friendly coffee shop in the neighborhood.

From Bean To Cup

Our 100% Arabica beans are sourced exclusively from Latin America, where we work closely with local farmers to ensure high-quality. This means you get an incredible taste every time you order our coffee.

Next, we heat the coffee beans at different temperatures to derive a wide range of flavors and colors. Moreover, we grind the coffee seeds right before brewing so that it retains the rich taste.

Then, we add a pinch of our love and lots of good wishes for you to make the cup of coffee strong and delicious.

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The Coffee makers

Our staff is trained to create an inspiring and relaxing environment where our customers can enjoy the best tasting coffee.
High quality, unique customer service and respect towards everybody are our core values.

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